Fabless Manufacturing MK1 VR6 Engine Swap Kit complete with engine mounts, axles and 12.9 grade hardware. The FM VR6 kit is unlike other kits on the market, our unique design removes the standard ‘VR6 lean’ leaving you with a flat, perfectly positioned engine and our engine mounts fit all VR6 engines (2.8L, 3.2L and 3.6L). The mounts are designed and manufactured in house out of only the best materials. All mounting hardware included.




Every kit comes with a Free T-Shirt and Fabless Manufacturing VR6 stickers.



Purchase the FM MK1 VR6 kit and enjoy all the benefits of the VR6 engine, with the highest quality manufacturing solution on the market. Quality manufacturing every time.



2.8L/3.2L/3.6L VR6 Engines with O2A/O2J Transmission in a VW MK1.

The hardware for the upper transmission mount is dependent on whether your transmission is threaded or through in this location (see image below). Both types of hardware are included with the kit for convenience. Just take note of which type you have upon installation and don’t be alarmed with the left over hardware.



Mild Steel and TIG welded beautifully. Mounts come with black powder coat and feature Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings and in-house machined stainless steel bushing inserts.


2.8L 12V/24V, 3.2L and 3.6L
Four Engine Mounts and Front Bar included; Lower transmission mount, Upper transmission mount, Rear block mount and Front Support bar with Front engine mount. The front support and engine mount provide added strength and rigidity to the front end for improved handling and stiffness.


Custom Axles

Our axles are completely bolt in, corrosion resistant, 4140 Heat treated and nitrated to 58 Rockwell. Made in Canada.
Use your factory MK1 spindles, CV’s are included along with 12.9 grade hardware.
The axles are designed specifically for this application and are a custom length to fit precisely with this set up.



12.9 grade hardware. All hardware included for installation of engine mounts and axles.

MK1 VR6 Engine Swap Kit – 2.8L/3.2L/3.6L

SKU: 29-1000