The FM Front Tubular Cross Bar is a direct replacement for the factory MK2 Golf/Jetta front subframe. Made from mild steel, beautifully TIG Welded and coated with black powder coat for durability.


Our Tubular Front Cross Bar is stronger, stiffer and lighter than the factory front support. The integrated front engine mount decreases engine movement resulting in more power transferred where you want it. The cross bar itself weighs 5.6kg and the front engine mount with bushing weighs just under 1kg (the mount weight fluctuates slightly based on engine selection).


What’s Included

  • Tubular Front Cross Bar constructed with DOM tubing
  • Jack Point
  • Front Engine Mount with polyurethane bushing
  • Mounting hardware for chassis
  • Black powder coat



  • Adjustable Upper Rad Mounts (VR6 Radiator)
  • Polyurethane Jack Pad


Compatibility: MK2 VW Golf/Jetta Chassis



  • VR6 2.8L 12v with O2A, O2J or O2M Transmission
  • VR6 2.8L 24V, 3.2L, 3.6L with O2A, O2J or O2M Transmission
  • 1.8L 8-valve and 16-valve
  • 1.8T
  • 2.0L ABA and 16-valve



  • 8-valve/16-valve Radiator
  • MK3 VR6 Radiator

The lower rad tabs come with removable pins for fitment of both rad types listed. Our lower rad tabs position the rad in a similar 3D space to the factory location on the front support. Our Adjustable Upper Rad Mounts allow the VR6 radiator to be tilted back and fourth for fitment on every set up.



  • Slim fans are recommended with the VR6 engine to ensure fitment.

Tubular Front Cross Bar – VW MK2 Golf/Jetta